It's been a long time since I've listened to something, that reminded me so strongly of what I liked so much about Thrash Metal, the 1st time I've heard it. And although Verdict Denied is a band that acts under the influence of the 2nd breed of Thrash groups and especially the era when the genre was transforming and becoming more technical, I can have no complains. Because you really can not have any complains against musical elements "full" of Forbidden, Testament, Paradox, Megadeth, Toxik and Coroner. I have to say that I really enjoyed listening to this promo cd. This is not because of any nostalgic impulses, but because Verdict Denied plays this kind of Metal (which is considered from some fans as "dead") with great amounts of passion, and energy. And in the end, that's all that counts. They have an ace under their sleeve, due to their very good technical/playing abilities, which could become a "problem" in the future however, if they decided to dwell even deeper in those musical tech-forms. All in all, I believe Verdict Denied is one of the most interesting Thrash metal bands in this country. (8/10) 

Mark Sakellariou