My opinion about this band is known to all the fellow metallers I had the chance and pleasure to discuss about the Greek Thrash Metal scene. VERDICT DENIED is - in my humble opinion of course - the best Greek Thrash Metal act and no one can change my view on this matter. Their hard work and high quality music prove my words and the band's first ever full-length work is here to show you that I am not talking big. These guys have great talent and "Condamned" is the living proof!

This band is not new to the Metal scene, since their story starts back in 1995, under the name VERDICT.Three demos and live performances with Paul Di'Anno, MEKONG DELTA, ANVIL and TANK were only the first steps of the band. Their hard work continues with a pretty good debut full-length album mixed and mastered by the one and only Jeff Waters in his Watersound Studios.

If you have read my review on the band's 2005 demo, you will already know what these guys are all about. The only thing that has changed since then is the band's bass player. Gus Basher left to be replaced by the young, yet talented Tassos Kokliotis. The band's music is a traditional style of Bay Area Thrash Metal with melodic leads here and there, many technical elements (at times they reminded me of MEKONG DELTA) and great riffs. Their sound contains a variety of sounds, since you will come across classic catchy Thrash Metal that will make you bang your head, as well as technical Thrash moments. VERDICT DENIED is definitely the band that will make you remember of your heroes (VIO-LENCE, CORONER, PARADOX and more).

Some of the things that could be improved in VERDICT DENIED are the sound, which is not the best possible even though Jeff Waters was responsible for the mixing/mastering and the vocals, which in my humble opinion could use a bit more work. I would also add the incorporation of a bit more modern elements in the band's music, but since I have had the chance and pleasure to listen to a couple of new songs they have composed, I don't even waste my time saying it. The future hides many pleasant surprises for us, if VERDICT DENIED keep up with this pace and work hard enough to earn their own spot in the international Metal scene.

John D.